Dam Day? Nah… Dog Day!

Friday, April 28th, was Senior Dog Day. All dogs large and small, hyper and laid back, were welcome – as long as they could coexist relatively peacefully. Upon arrival at Beaver in the morning, many students were shocked to find the four-legged creatures roaming the halls. From golden retrievers, to pugs, to black labs, these furry friends were all the rage that past Friday. The seniors had kept the date of this event mostly a surprise – which only amplified the excitement from younger grades! Throughout much of the morning double block, the dogs were curious about one another and full of energy. In many classes, they were allowed off-leash – circling around the room as students attempted to focus on class work. But, inevitably, by the end of the second period of the day, many dogs could be found napping on the floor, tired from their morning adventures. Students gathered on the C and R levels to meet each other’s dogs during class breaks, and even took them to play together outside. It was like a makeshift Beaver dog park!

The marketing department and The Beaver Reader have teamed up to provide photos of this very fun day below. Please enjoy as you look through the gallery! You may see some familiar furry faces 🙂

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