Will We Have A Snow Day Tomorrow?

By Rebecca Goodman

It is the end of February. Morale is low. We are all unwell. It’s finals week and not one of us is prepared to turn in our assignments by Thursday. However, there is hope. In the magical pages of the weather app is a solution to these woes and more: a snow day.

We have yet to have a snow-filled day this year, and one might argue that simply out of love for the senior class, the administration might award us with what will likely be the last snow day of our lives. We have worked extremely hard throughout the fall and winter term. All of us are desperate to know where we are going for college, if we don’t know already, and everyone is tired. I can think of no better Senior gift than a snow day (though the mugs from the Board of Trustees were awesome). While the senior class respects our administration and all the factors they must consider in making decisions such as these, the admin would find themselves ever more in the favor of their student body should they cancel school tomorrow.

Did I mention that it’s finals week? Despite what you might think, a day off of classes would actually contribute positively to the wrap up of the term. In theory, it would be better to be in school and get help from teachers. However, the structure of the school day is often not cohesive for efficiency and productivity on larger projects. Students would find their time better spent if they could structure their day as necessary to get their work done, and they could always access teachers via email. They would also get some rest, and a well-rested student body is a happier, more productive student body. We need this extra push to revitalize us for these last few days of winter term and to launch us into the spring. 

Speaking of rest— drowsy driving is a real problem in this nation! It is extremely dangerous! Do you know what else is dangerous? Forcing people, young people especially, to drive in treacherous conditions (4-6 inches!!!!). Some of our student drivers may have gotten their license only weeks or even days ago! However, having a parent drive to school is not a feasible option for many families. It would be ignorant to assume that all parents could drop what they are doing to drive their kids to school in the morning, and equally as selfish to force them to let their kids drive themselves when they are fearful of the conditions on the roads. Additionally, we must acknowledge that our beloved school community isn’t composed of entirely competent drivers… Better safe than sorry!

Snow day calculator gives us an 80%. Don’t ignore science.

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