Masks And Distancing After The Pandemic.

By Emma Shub

It is hard to imagine that we ever went to such dense areas without a mask, without even hand sanitizer. The thought of entering packed stadiums and public buildings never caused individuals to reevaluate the situation. However, with the coronavirus, people are constantly being forced to assess social gatherings and question how many people are in a room or around them.

After 2020, it became clear that our lives would not return to the normal that we previously knew so well, for a while. While in person concerts and graduations may resume, it is unclear whether or not masks will ever disappear from our lives. We may never board a plane or pack into a train car without some form of facial covering again.

As schools are beginning to reopen, the big question among students, teachers, and parents is what will happen to the protocols that were implemented into schools in the fall of 2020. Schools have spent an extensive amount of time analyzing walking patterns, arranging desks, and developing guidelines for different types of masks. The measures put in place have created an extra level of comfort among families and teachers, but what is still unclear is whether or not these practices will remain alive in school communities. Will this last forever?

As health officials release new information on the Coronavirus and its effect on our world right now, the saying “We will be fine next year…” seems to increasingly lose its value. So, as we look ahead, we must prepare ourselves for the fact that masks will not simply disappear one day. Most likely, the usage of masks will slowly decrease, leaving individuals to decide for themselves how protective they want to be. 

Do you believe that you will want to wear your mask longer than it is required? Will you take the risk and stop using your mask when given the opportunity, or will you keep your masks on for just a while longer? Do you hope that the newly adapted schedules will remain prominent in schools forever, or do you hope that they too will disappear? These are questions that we are all asking ourselves and others and will continue to be present in society until the COVID-19 pandemic is officially over. 

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