Snow-days during Covid

By Lexi Landes and Liv Larsen

Amid a year that involves a hybrid way of learning in a place that has frequent snowstorms, the question arises about what counts as a snow day. Many students believe that we should go back to having traditional snow days, while others believe that having school be fully remote for the day is sufficient. A traditional snow day has an appeal for an array of reasons beyond the logical thoughts that the roads will be unsafe and electricity may be out. Many want a sense of normalcy during such an unprecedented time. When asked about their thoughts on the matter, students had great insights on what they believe should be a snow day and why. The question asked was, “What should snow days look like during online school? Do remote days count as snow days now or should we have the day completely off?”

The answers from upper school students were overwhelmingly in favor of having a traditional snow day. One junior shared that, “I think that snow days should not be online remote days because I think that they’re a great chance for people to take a mental health break.” Another student shared that, “I think it depends, for Beaver to make things feel more realistic, I think we should have a snow day and no online classes too.” Both maintaining a way to help students with their mental health and trying to make this year feel “normal” have been central concepts of this year at Beaver. Students feel that having a full snow day is a way to incorporate these central ideas into the Beaver scheduling.

Snow days are irrelevant, online school is the way of the future – The Tide

Three other students all shared the same viewpoint that “during online school snow days should look like no school remote or in-person” and that “remote days do not count as snow days and we should definitely have the complete day off.” There are not only personal desires for a snow day, but there are also logistical problems in having a remote school during a day that entails a major storm. Power outages are very common and this makes remote school almost impossible and a cause of more stress. Above all, students feel that having a traditional snow day is the correct approach to winter storms amidst online school and that this break will provide students with the rest and sense of normalcy they are desperate for. 

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