On Campus Testing

By Erick Caridad

Starting February 23, Beaver will be requiring students on campus to take a nasal swab PCR test twice monthly. The reasoning behind this decision is to ensure that members of the community are being tested and remaining safe in light of the ongoing pandemic. The school’s current COVID measures include the daily attestation via the Magnus Health app, as well as the various on-campus procedures such as wearing a mask, wiping tables, and washing hands throughout the day. The testing appointments occurring in Gym B are a natural step up in terms of the health security of the school. 

“I think it’s good, but they’re definitely going to have more positive cases than ever,” replied one anonymous student upon being asked their opinion on the tests. “It will be a little annoying, since the tests aren’t very comfortable and even painful in some cases, but I do think that it will make the school safer, and hopefully make students feel safer.” 

Another member of the community responded “I think it’s just a good way to help kids feel safe, especially since it’s required. I think it’s a really strong decision.”

Overall, it seems that a large part of the community is satisfied with the decision and empathize with the thought process behind Beaver’s decision to begin testing on-campus attendees. Above all else, it is imperative that we keep the community as safe and healthy as possible, and this appears to be yet another step in the right direction.

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