Using a Planner in the New Year

January of 2021 has ended and new habits are coming into this new year and one of mine has been using a planner. Personally, using a physical planner and calendar has been something I’ve always wanted to do but never picked up the habit until this year. As I’ve started using one, I’ve noticed many benefits from using a planner including gaining organizational skills, journalling, and staying on top of work. Not only is using a planner helpful for a high school student, it is especially useful for remote learning. So how can using a planner change the process of learning and keeping up with work, especially in a hybrid classroom?

While the hybrid experience has been the new normal for quite some time, the process of both online and in person learning still feels new. When learning remotely, sometimes it can be difficult to keep up with the class in person or stay on top of the assignments with distractions at home. This is where using a physical planner and calendar has been the most useful. Having a place to write down future tests, due dates, questions about projects and more has made it easier to learn online. The act of writing these things down helps with remembering them for the future which is an essential skill for any class. 

Another piece of planning can be journaling, which is an effective way to keep thoughts, ideas and information written somewhere safe. While journaling can be completely separate from planning, having the ability to journal in your planner is a great way to express your thoughts. Combining journaling with planning is the ultimate way to increase success and productivity. Journal writing is an amazing way to set goals for yourself and achieve them and it is easy to monitor your progress. Writing about future aspirations or ambitions helps with motivation and focus. Journaling is also an amazing way to relieve stress and help with mental health. Both using a planner and journal have helped my learning in immense ways and I would fully recommend developing this new skill!

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