Safe Ways To Have Fun During a Pandemic

By: Lexi Landes

Amid the ongoing health crisis, it has become increasingly hard to have fun while staying safe. Specifically for teenagers, it has been especially hard because they do not have the ability to enjoy their high school years to their utmost potential. When asked about safe ways to enjoy yourself, many students had great ideas on how to have fun while staying safe. 

Some of the ideas from students are as follows:

  1. Have a bonfire and sit socially distanced. This is really fun all times of the year and perfect for being outdoors.
  1. Get in the car and go for a drive! Go alone to clear your head or put on a mask, roll down the windows, and bring a friend.
  1. Weather permitting, have a socially distanced picnic. Find a park or any spot that is good for the activity.
  1. Go ice skating! This is a great activity for winter that enforces staying outdoors. There are many great rinks around the Beaver area, and definitely more in other places. If it is cold enough, it can be really fun to skate on a frozen pond. 
  1. Take some chairs, blankets, and pillows, and go to someone’s garage. With the garage door open and masks on, this makes for a great place to spend some time. Outdoor heaters are great for warmth. I also recommend watching movies. If someone has a projector, that is the perfect pastime. If not, a computer will work just fine too.
  1. Play online games over zoom! A great example is an online game of cards against humanity. You can play with other people on their website. I also recommend googling your favorite games and seeing if there is an online game. 
  1. Art projects are a great way to pass the time. This may sound extremely unappealing, but there are many that can actually be fun. One example I found to be enjoyable is making blankets out of extra-large yarn. Stores like Michaels sell jumbo rolls of yarn that are really soft. It is really easy to make blankets with these and it is like knitting but all done with your hands. When you are finished it makes for a great blanket. 
  1. Find a virtual volunteer program. During times that can be hard for everyone, it is always important to remember to give back. There are many great opportunities to get involved even over zoom. This is also something you can decide to do with a group of friends! If this is something you are interested in, email Ms. Latour at the Hiatt center. She has a ton of great ideas!

Covid has affected so many aspects of everyone’s lives and it is difficult for everyone to adapt to the current ways of life. It is important to make sure to try and do things to enjoy yourself during these crazy times. Remember to stay safe and make the most of life right now, even though these times are so unprecedented!

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