Working In A Pandemic

By Nadya Ansari and Rory Collins

Workplaces across the country and world have been struggling to get back on their feet and readjust to Covid times. Factors like capacity and sanitization are at an all-time high for necessity and are required for almost every workplace. Teenagers and school staff are especially hit hard as job holders, as they tend to work in higher-risk buildings. Governor Baker even recently put out new restrictions on businesses such as grocery and retail stores, stating that stores must lower capacity to 40% from their regular amount, meaning of a store’s capacity used to be 100 it is now 40, and barriers must be put in place. 

We, Nadya and Rory, both work at the local grocery store in Needham, where rules have changed immensely during this time. The store has taken precautionary measures such as enforcing masks and plexiglass on cash registers, however, it is hard to keep customers happy while enforcing social distancing. Many customers attempt to come in the store during senior hours or without a mask over their nose, which is not only harmful to other customers but also extremely disrespectful to the associates. There are so many people that have to keep the store running in each department that if one goes down, it truly does make an impact. Rory has actually just taken a month off due to the severity and rise of cases, and she is not the only employee at the workplace to take time off. Many associates at our store have taken time off due to COVID and fear of getting it, as well as management. Nadya has worked at the store since January 2020. The store has changed since last January and continues to enforce Covid-safe protocols. 

Although a grocery store may be more of a high-risk climate, other necessary jobs and careers have been struggling just as much or far more during Covid. We as students may not entirely realize, but the staff here and Beaver and at hybrid schools around the country are doing their absolute best to ensure safety among themselves and us. We want to say we are extremely thankful for all the administration and they have done for us this year.

Covid has affected the culture, climate, and day to day life of professional environments around the world. The essential workplaces such as grocery stores and schools have continued to develop. Both environments have adapted to Covid-safe practices and worked towards a healthy environment for employees. While both schools and grocery stores have faced similar challenges when it comes to enforcing new policies, both environments have continued to thrive while adapting to new circumstances.

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