Rating Beaver’s Mascot

By Lexi Landes and Liv Larsen

Rustic Retro Beaver – 6.5/10 

This beaver definitely has an old man name. Albert perhaps? 

Albert sits happily on the front desk. His large welcome sign and smile make the Beaver students and faculty happy to be entering the building. His wooden material makes his appearance unique from other beavers across campus. He sits right next to the wooden date making these two a great welcome pair. Make sure to notice this rustic retro beaver on your morning walk into the building, and don’t forget to sanitize on your way in!

Safety Beaver – 7/10

We love a beaver that keeps safety first. The big three are the most important part of in-person school this year, and this beaver has the responsibility of showing us how to be safe. He even is wearing a fashionable mask and Beaver merch! Posted all around the school, this beaver is quite popular. He not only makes an appearance, but shows us how to perform all of these important tasks. It is impossible to not listen to the safety beaver. Make sure to look out for these signs and show your appreciation for the safety beaver!

Baby Beaver – 10/10

The baby beaver is adorable. Watch out before he kills you with his cuteness. He is the perfect addition to the front desk. He sits there with so much excitement to greet you as you walk past him. No matter how your morning is going, the baby beaver will no doubt brighten your day. I mean just look at that adorable face! He does look a little lonely there all alone so make sure to stop by and say hi to him. 

Birthday Beaver – 100/10 

Last but not least, we have the birthday beaver! It’s the beaver’s 100th birthday! This beaver is looking good for his age. He even has a crown and a cake for his special day. His presence on the big screen in the foyer makes him hard to miss. The birthday beaver looks both excited and wholesome so if you are having a bad day, go stop by the birthday beaver and share in his enthusiasm for not only his special day, but his special year.

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