Bowie and Ava’s Guide to the Holidays

Holiday Gift Guide by Bowie Gray-Savitt and Ava Bialow

Throughout 2020, COVID-19 has certainly been a challenge for everyone. Despite the current circumstances that have prevented social gatherings with family and friends, it is still possible to keep the holiday spirit alive this season! Giving and receiving gifts is one of the most practical Covid-friendly ways to celebrate the holidays this year; a joyful experience and a heartfelt way to bring happiness to those you care about together. In this article, we will provide you with ideas for unique and exciting gifts to give during the holidays.

ThePlayStation Five(PS5) is definitely one of the most sought-after gifts this year. Walmart has launched the PS5 in multiple stages, each time selling out instantly. The PS5’s graphics have greatly improved since the previous console and now offer a much wider range of games to play. Buying a PlayStation is a great gift for anyone of any age who enjoys gaming. If you can lay your hands on a PS5, the person you are gifting it to would be forever grateful. 

Recently, everyone has spent a lot of their time looking at screens. Whether it’s for work, school, or even entertainment, the amount of time we spend online has really added up. Staring at screens all day often causes negative effects on your body such as headaches, discomfort, and difficulty concentrating. You have probably heard the phrase “Zoom fatigue” describing these effects. One way you can prevent this from happening is by wearing blue light glasses throughout the day. Blue light glasses provide protection for your eyes and filter out blue light from your eyes. Now more than ever, technology consumes our days and energy, and filtering out the blue light is sure to reduce the negative effects technology has on our eyes.

A great idea to provide a personalized and thoughtful gift for a loved one is to get them an astrology related item or accessory. There are lots of jewelry, clothing, and room decor specific to your astrological sign available online. Two very cute items specific to each zodiac sign, are these scented candles and layered necklaces. Not only do the candles share spot-on and relatable descriptions of your zodiac sign, but they provide you with a special scent specific to your sign as well. The necklaces have coin pendants attached, stamped with the symbol of your astrological sign as well as a beautiful rhinestone charm that corresponds to your birth month. These items make simple gifts for anybody interested in astrology.

This truly tech-savvy water bottle is one of the coolest new things to add to your holiday list this year. This stainless steel water bottle tracks your water intake through an app on your phone that connects to the bottle via Bluetooth. It reminds you to drink water when needed by flashing the LED lights on the bottom of the bottle. You are able to choose the size, color, and light patterns to customize the bottle to your preference. These bottles keep your drinks cold up to 24 hours and are sure to keep you and your friends hydrated and healthy through the holiday season. 

Whenever you wanted to talk to someone during quarantine, you were forced to speak on the phone. Soon enough, talking on the phone and face timing friends got repetitive and eventually, you might have even run out of things to talk about. This conversation card game is a great way to add color to your conversations! As you reveal each card, you are prompted with questions to get to know the person or people you are playing with. Each card is placed in one of three categories depending on how personal each question is. The game comes with a total of 150 questions and wildcards that will keep conversations interesting and guide you to learn more about yourself and the people around you.

If you are looking to add a new touch to your room, a photo collage kit from Tezza, Cai & Jo or Amazon is a perfect addition to your holiday list. These themed photo kits are super cute and make the process of room decor effortless. They come with anywhere from around fifty to one-hundred. These collages are beautiful, pre-printed, and perfect for anyone in your life who loves interior design.

This One Line a Day journal is something unlike any other gift. With this journal, you write one sentence every single day for five years, and in the end, you are left with a collection of lifelong memories you have made all in one book. This gift is perfect for anyone on your list from your parents to your friend who loves to write. This gift would be a fun, long term activity that is a nice thing to have when it is completed. 

A good speaker is a necessity if you enjoy listening to music. For someone who is always listening to music, I recommend buying a WONDERBOOM. A WONDERBOOM speaker is portable, water-proo, and comes in a variety of colors. This speaker has a long-lasting battery that allows music to be played for up to ten hours without needing a charge. If you are looking for a more decorative speaker, a great one is this Jukebox Speaker. The Jukebox Speaker is just one example of the many unique speakers that would look perfect in anyone’s room!

A polaroid camera is the perfect and most effortless way to capture and keep every memory all in one place. These colorful and cute cameras are currently super popular amongst teens and will be a gift that is guaranteed good use. With these cameras, you can take pictures and print them out to keep and they double as good room decor. This is the perfect gift for anybody artistic or with an eye for photography.

LED lights are a gift on everyone’s wish list if they don’t have them already. There are multiple versions of LED lights so when choosing which ones you want, you should look through a couple of different variations to find the best fit for you. LED lights are a great addition to any room because they add vibrance and a little bit of pizzazz. Here is our pick for LED Lights.

This mini bluetooth printer prints photos straight from your phone onto small slips of paper for you to keep. The printer connects to an app on your phone that allows you to produce physical copies of digital photos. It creates a similar effect to polaroid cameras and other instant cameras, but adds more mobility. This printer comes to great use when you want to easily convert digital photos you take on your phone to physical photos to hang on the wall or keep as memorabilia. 

Puzzles are a fan favorite when it comes to presents, and despite how simple of a gift they are, you can never go wrong with a cute or customized puzzle. These Wentworth wooden puzzles add a quirky twist to the simple pastime with their funky shaped pieces. The whimsy puzzle pieces come in different shapes that correlate to the puzzle itself. For example, you could make a puzzle that completes a picture of Paris and contains pieces shaped like the Eiffel tower and other French landmarks. These puzzles are a great way to add some flavor and fun to your time at home this holiday season. 

A classic gift you can get your favorite bookworm could be one or two of the most popular books from this year. Our top three picks are A Promised Land, The Queen’s Gambit paperback, and the Rolling Stone’s Illustrated Portraits. A Promised Land by Barack Obama has quickly grown to be very successful with many positive reviews. Soon after it was released, Obama’s book became one of New York Time’s “Top Ten Books of the Year”. This book beautifully illustrates Barack Obama’s perspective and gives readers an insight into his experiences throughout his presidency. The Queen’s Gambit, a popular show amongst many adults, takes you on the journey of Beth Harmon, an orphan who discovers her remarkable talent for chess. Lastly, we recommend giving the new Rolling Stones book which serves as an archive for some of the best illustrations of artists who have made a powerful impact in the music industry. 

One of the big changes COVID-19 has brought this year is that many schools are not allowed to run full-time in-person classes and some schools have to move their entire curriculum online. As online classes become a constant thing in many people’s lives, something everyone should know about is this website called Master Class. Gifting someone a subscription to Master Class gives them the ability to learn new skills from some of their favorite celebrities. Master Class has partnered with a variety of celebrities, giving you the opportunity to learn everything from how to cook with Gordon Ramsey to scientific thinking with Neil deGrasse Tyson! 

During long days of online work, you may often disregard your cup of coffee and notice it gets cold quicker than it used to. Having a device that keeps your drinks warm will easily solve this problem. This beverage warmer keeps drinks like coffee and tea at the perfect temperature all throughout the workday. 

With COVID-19, we spend a lot more of our time at home than we did previously. As winter approaches, it is important that you stay comfortable and cozy. This sweatshirt blanket is an essential must-have for all kids to have because it is something you can easily put on and wear around the house. The sweatshirt’s most remarkable attribute is the large pocket in the front where there is enough room to store all sorts of things. This pocket is especially great for kids because they can keep all of their belongings in one place.

These days, it’s common for technology to replace the usual forms of entertainment for kids. iPads are especially popular right now as they provide multiple uses and different forms of entertainment. Kids can do anything from watching their favorite shows to reading their favorite books and more. That’s why these iPad stands are a fantastic present for any kid with an iPad. When reading, playing games, or watching a show, kids don’t have to look down at their tablet all day. Having a stand can make using their technology more comfortable. Some of the cutest stands for kids are these magical butterfly stands and adorable grizzly bear stands that do the job quite nicely while adding a delightful touch. 

A new backpack is another gift all kids will appreciate and one of the best ways to return to school in style after winter break. These Stoney Clover Backpacks offer a wide selection of colors to choose from and have a simple design no kid will refuse. These backpacks have proven they are worth the purchase by becoming one of the trendiest items out right now.  

The best kinds of gifts to get for kids are interactive activities and hands-on projects. These are especially great to have around during the current extended period of quarantine. This year, tie dye has made a huge comeback and is currently one of the biggest clothing trends. That’s why this tie dye kit from Amazon would be a flawless present for a kid to receive this holiday season. Stocked with enough tie-dye supplies to create up to 36 projects, this kit will bring loads of fun to any household and leave you with fashionable and fun tie dye clothes and accessories. 

Quarantine and the pandemic have made it even more difficult for grandparents to stay connected with their children and grandchildren. One of the sweetest and best ways to stay close together while apart is to buy a set of these Bond Touch bracelets. If you touch your bracelet, vibrations will be sent to the matching pair in the set so that you know when you are thinking of each other. This is one of the cutest ways to let your grandparents know how much you care about them, especially while close contact is limited. 

If they don’t have one already, a new Amazon Echo Dot or Google Nest are both  great items to get your grandparents or parents this year. These products are smart speaker devices that work similar to “Siri” on an iPhone. You can ask your Alexa or Google Home to answer any questions you may have and they will relay the information back to you. There are also cool features that allow you to play games on your smart speaker, as well as music. You can even connect the speaker to your electricity and then your Alexa or Google Home can turn on and off your lights when asked. For both of these, you simply download an app and can control your Nest or Echo Dot with special commands you create through a smartphone. These are both extremely convenient and useful to have around and work as great gifts for everyone. 

One extremely interesting gift for your grandparents is a 23AndMe ancestry DNA kit. These kits are quality gifts for grandparents as they provide all kinds of information on your genes and ancestral history that you might not even know about. The process is simple! You are sent the kit in which to provide a DNA sample that is then sent back to a lab where they sort through your DNA and learn all new information on your genetics, heritage, and family history. This gift is great for your grandparents who are interested in science, as well as the history of where they come from. 

A great gift for grandparents this holiday that is sure to make them smile is a digital picture frame! With one of these frames, you can choose the pictures you want displayed in your house each day. The device is a modernized twist on a classic and meaningful gift. Grandparents love seeing pictures of their family around their house and with this picture frame, they can easily keep their house updated with their favorite pictures. 

One extremely thoughtful and convenient gift for your friends and family this holiday season is to purchase them a monthly subscription box. Due to the current situation and how the pandemic has set limitations on what we can and can’t do, having gifts sent straight to your door is super accommodating and easy. The list below shares a few of the coolest and most unique boxes which could work as great presents for just about anyone and everyone! 

The perfect item for those interested in self care and beauty products is a subscription to BirchBox. Every month of your subscription, you are sent a box with about four to six samples ranging from skincare, makeup, hair care, and more. Each product also comes with directions on proper use and information on what the product does; some good tips and tricks. The subscription plans cost thirteen to fifteen dollars a month depending on the plan and how many months you initially commit. 

For kids who like hands-on activities, KiwiCo sends fun and interactive puzzles and projects to you every month. The boxes come with any activity from engineering puzzles and science experiments to art projects and craft challenges that can keep kids entertained while simultaneously learning. These boxes can be customized to the child’s interests, as well as age. Prices range from around fifteen to twenty dollars a month. These crates really help kids get creative and learn to be good problem solvers. 

Calling all dog lovers, there’s a perfect present for your wishlist, as well as your pup’s! BarkBox specializes in making dogs as happy as they make their owners and they do a pretty good job. By subscribing to BarkBox, you sign up to receive a monthly bundle of toys and treats for your dog that are sure to make them smile. The toys and snacks in each box are themed by month. They are also somewhat customized to the size and breed of your dog. These boxes cost anywhere between 23-35 dollars a month and provide at least forty dollars of the cutest toys and treats.   

A unique gift for people who are fond of both food and travel is a subscription to Universal Yums. Universal Yums delivers delicious snacks and candies from all across the world directly to your doorstep. You receive a package relating to a different country each month that shares information about each snack you are sent and the place from which it originated. A subscription costs fifteen to thirty nine dollars a month depending on the plan you choose and size of the box. 

Cooking is a useful skill and hobby that many people have picked up over quarantine. Having different kitchen appliances and gadgets spices up regular routines and makes cooking a lot more enjoyable. Here is a list of gifts perfect for the person in your life who lives to cook:

Waffles are a food that you can easily alter and be creative with. The best way to personalize your waffles is by using a cool waffle maker! There are many different versions of wacky waffle makers but one of my personal favorites is the one that makes waffles shaped like dinosaurs.  

If you know someone who is always on the go, a portable blender is a great gift for them. This portable blender is perfect for all kinds of travel and is something you can always carry around. One of the best features of this blender is how easy it is to use. You simply charge the blender the same way you would charge your phone, making the process of creating juices and smoothies extremely easy. 

Another amazing gift for anyone who loves cooking and baking is cookie cutters. There are all kinds of cookie cutters that have been personalized to appeal to a variety of individuals. For example, there is this Star Wars example and another one for those who love to camp. Cookies are a classic treat and having customized cookie cutters makes the whole baking experience so much more enjoyable. 

This cake saw is the perfect gift you never knew you needed. This item’s purpose is to help you easily cut any sort of cake.  A cake saw is a great way to make any celebration a little more interesting. This gift is ideal for someone who loves things that are both practical and clever.

With the approaching holiday season, you may find that it is more difficult to find gifts in 2020 than it has been in previous years. We hope that this list will make buying presents simple this season as well as provide you with a large selection of gifts to give that will satisfy your loved ones. Our goal was to uncomplicate the process of buying presents and reduce the stress supplied by this year’s holiday. Just like any year, it is important that we continue to stay in the holiday spirit and come together to celebrate. We hope that you enjoy this winter break and are able to spend some quality time with those you care about, doing what makes you the happiest!

Happy Holidays! ❄️

– Bowie and Ava 

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