NASA by Ariana Grande Song Review

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By: Margot Amouyal

“This is one small step for woman

One giant leap for woman-kind”

NASA by Ariana Grande, in her most recent album thank u, next, is a powerful feminist antheom. The song begins by flipping our current conception of the moon landing. Rather than asserting space exploration furthers mankind, Grande switches the quote to be women-centric. When I first heard these lyrics, I was very confused; what is she saying? After searching for the lyrics online, I was blown away. Grande is picturing a reality in which a women first landed on the moon. I love this idea!

Even after binge listening to the tune many times, I am still shocked by the introduction every time. I have become so habituated to hearing the word “man” as a universal term for all people that this quote is odd. However, I think flipping the narrative and slowly introducing our society to the concept of powerful women defining history is imperative to the female liberation movement. 

So, NASA by Ariana Grande is a feminist anthem of our generation. 

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