What truly is SBAC?

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By: Elise O’Keefe

SBAC is a group at Beaver that meets every Thursday at 12:45 until 1:10. But what is SBAC, truly? If you’ve heard of the group or are considering applying next year, this article is definitely for you.

I have personally been a member of SBAC for three years, and have seen it change over the years. The SBAC that I knew freshman year contrasts vastly with the SBAC that exists now. So, if you’re considering joining, it is important to ask current members due to the changes that have been initiated over the years.  

SBAC stands for Student Body Advisory Council. It consists of about 30 – 40 members each year, having a fairly even number from each grade. This group aims to make changes to Beaver based on student opinion. Since the students are diverse, it gives a good view of what all students are thinking. Changes have ranged from creating a freshman buddy program (BVR Connects) last year to fixing broken water fountains to restructuring the daily schedule to adding chicken to the salad bar. Nothing is too ambitious to bring up to the group. 

The process starts with an idea. One or two students will bring up an idea to the group that they have thought of outside the meeting. This idea would be discussed in the group for logistics and possibility. After collaborating to get the idea started as a group, a smaller group forms in order to begin working on this idea. This group works outside meeting time to talk to different teachers/do different tasks in order to implement the idea. 

I got to ask people involved with SBAC about how their experience has been. First, I talked to Rosella. She is a junior who has been in SBAC for 3 years. 

“SBAC has been a place where I have been able to bring up ideas that I didn’t think were possible to even have in our school. It’s definitely taught me to think bigger than I thought was possible.” 

Ms. Caruso, the faculty advisor, said, “SBAC prioritizes students experience and voices to continuously improve Beaver. SBAC has made an impact on Beaver in multiple ways, from adjusting the academic schedule, providing access to fresh fruit, spearheading recycling efforts, streamlining communication with faculty, and more!” 

This is a place to be creative and collaborate. It’s definitely worth applying if you have ideas to help improve the school. Even if you are not a member, you can always talk to your friends or others that you know are members and ask them to bring up ideas. If you want to be more involved in your community, SBAC is a welcoming group that loves to hear ideas. Plus, the free pizza doesn’t hurt! 


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