What Makes the Perfect Snow Day?

By Rory Collins

Winter has come, and with it, the hope for more days off. Every kid in New England awaits this time of year patiently, holding on to the hope that their superintendent would call the day (or maybe a few, who knows?). Lucky for us here at Beaver, our snow days don’t get tacked back on at the end of summer like public schools. When the snow and ice roll around, we can just sit back without care and maybe with some hot cocoa. With the weather turning and everyone getting into the snowflake spirit, I went around and asked some students and teachers what their idea of a perfect snow day is.

“I really like watching movies with a fire in the fireplace, and obviously tons of snow outside,” said Emily Fortenbaugh, ‘23 “Maybe some baking, but I honestly just like to chill.” It seems like movies were a common theme on these snowy days because Nate Shore ‘23 agreed, explaining: “My idea of a perfect snow day is probably building some legos and watching a fun movie.” Keeping with this trend, I also asked each student which movie was their favorite. The resounding answer was, of course, Elf. I mean, who doesn’t love anything involving Christmas and Will Ferrell?

I also asked some members of the staff what their idea of the perfect snow day was, assuming it was very different from anything a student would say. “I like to play videogames and answer emails at home,” says Mr. Sansoni, the acapella teacher here at Beaver, “I also might choose to do some baking, but it really depends on my mood.” Well, it does seem that students and teachers can agree that baking is a great way to go on snow days. Whether its cookies, cupcakes, or muffins they can assure you that it is always a great way to unwind and get some treats out of it as well.

 I also talked with Ms. Alkire, who said “It is always nice to get the call the night before so that I don’t have to set my alarm,” she explained, which is definitely good for teachers and students alike since not all of us live very close to Beaver, “That morning, I love sleeping in, getting to drink coffee in pajamas, and playing with my kids if they also have a snow day.” Snow days really are beloved by everyone, and this year seems to have been no different. Hopefully, there’s more to come because things are looking pretty bleak at the moment.

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