Clubs at Beaver: Update

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By: Hannah Grace Dineen

Beaver students have the unique opportunity to pursue their passions in many different ways whether it be in the classroom, on the field, or the stage. One of these opportunities is club block, where students can choose a club to participate in for the term of the year (in some cases). Though clubs meet for only forty minutes every Tuesday, they are often the highlight of any Beaver student’s week. Clubs can range from academic interests like Model UN to creative outlets like the Art Honors society. I had the opportunity to interview a few Beaver students about their club experience, and all reflected on it with a very positive outlook. 

Belle Schmahmann’21, a member of the Philosophy Club, said her club is “an incredibly relaxed atmosphere.” Where people “can do work if they need to, or participate in discussions about philosophy.” Though Belle is a new member she notes the club has been “welcoming and supportive” and provides “a great space outside of a busy day.” 

Juliette May Formela ’21 said her experience serving as an editor of the yearbook club was incredible. Formela joked that the club’s role was pretty well known- “we help make the Beaver yearbooks fun for the end of the year.” She said club block is mostly spent conversing with other editors and club members was helpful as it allowed for people to “have a good plan for what they should accomplish in the week ahead page wise.” Formela added that her favorite part of the club is “finally getting to see all of our work pay off in that final product at the end of the year.” 

Alice Molinsky’ 23 spoke about her club, Model UN, very positively. Molinsky said that her count is spent “typically preparing for upcoming model UN conferences” through a variety of activities led by club leaders like mock committees, which allow members “to practice speaking skills and learn how to participate in a real committee.” Molinsky said that her club has taught her “how to participate in a UN conference” by effectively teaching the skills that she would need in a committee and also creating a work time for conference attendees. However, she also notes that these skills are not only helpful in Model UN, but that the “speaking skills, critical thinking, and leadership capabilities help me a lot in everyday school life.” 

Reef Leighton ’21 said that his club, Music Appreciation Club, provides a calm environment where members can “just listen to music and appreciate it.” Leighton adds that his club is a great space for people with a passion for music to congregate “without difficulties or over-structuring.” Leighton considers the best part of his club is the atmosphere it provides, contrary to the stresses from other parts of the school, the club is “a relaxing space.” 

Brenna Curley’s 21 spoke positively about the Poetry Club. Curley says her club focuses on “watching videos or reading prompts and then writing poetry based on those sources.” Though Curley notes she wishes for slightly more structure during club block, she credits Poetry Club with helping her “learn how to write proper sonnets,” and inspiring her to “try different writing techniques in a non-judgmental atmosphere.” 

Though the clubs are Beaver have very different agendas, the Beaver students who participate in them seem to enjoy their club block time and utilize much of what they learn in clubs outside even outside of club block. 

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