Why Beaver Students Choose Not to Attend NuVu – NuVu Series Article #3

By: Will Levy

NuVu is a great opportunity for Beaver students to expand their horizons and leave campus for a term to explore their innovative passions. Although approximately 75% of Beaver students choose to participate in the program before graduation, some choose to forgo the experience for a variety of reasons. Grace Babb ‘20, is one student who chose not to partake in the NuVu program. This article focuses on an interview with Babb about why she felt NuVu was not the right fit for her, and how she feels the program can be better marketed to prospective students.

“Personally, NuVu was too much of a commitment to make for an entire term, and I had heard mixed reviews,” said Babb. Frequently, students at Beaver hear rumors circulating about the program. Although many of these reviews are positive, highlighting some of the opportunities NuVu provides students, some can be negative. Unfortunately, these negative comments dissuade prospective students from participating in the program. This is especially true of students who are on the fence about attending NuVu. Babb also added that NuVu is a large time commitment. As students must leave campus for an entire term to participate in NuVu, some feel that they are not ready to make a commitment, and may be concerned about leaving their friends as well as activities, such as clubs, behind.  

Babb also added that she felt NuVu could have been better marketed. “When someone from NuVu visits Beaver to recruit new students, they normally show people a slideshow full of pictures and past projects.” Babb attested to the fact that though this slideshow may be fun for students to see, it is not practical in helping them to make their decision to partake in the program. “I believe that myself and others want to see more of the day-to-day logistics of NuVu, and learn the mission of the organization.” This is key to understanding if NuVu is right for a student, especially for them to see how they will spend their time, and what they will accomplish. 

Babb did reflect on the fact that she enjoyed her four years at Beaver, and does not regret her choice to stay on campus. “Looking back on my experience, I am happy with the way my high school career turned out, and am content with my choice not to attend NuVu.” A very common complaint with participating in the program is that a student’s schedule will be disrupted, as they must make up classes that their peers took while they were away. For many, this is a downside, as they may no longer have classes with their friends, and will be slightly behind the curriculum which their classmates are currently studying. Although this is true, most students would argue that NuVu is still very much worth the time, even with future scheduling implications. 

Through my own experience, I feel as though prospective students should try to form their own opinions about NuVu, and not let negative reviews from returning program alumni impact their decision. NuVu is a great learning experience, and although it may not be right for everyone, people should give it a fair chance, even if this means going out of their comfort zone for a trimester – because after all, there is little to lose and a lot to gain. 

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