Where is Summer?

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By: Skylar Volman

Most students around Beaver are incredibly eager to get your summer started. They can’t wait to head outside with sunglasses, hit the pool and drive with the windows down. However, it seems that mother nature has another plan. April showers have now turned into mid may showers, with some places in Massachusetts even seeing snow. As meteorologist Bill Simpson puts it, “we’re locked into this winter-like pattern”. Grace Kolis ‘20 very much agrees that this is less than ideal. When asked what she thinks about the weather she responded, “I’m not a fan”. With temperatures hitting the 30s, how can we keep our hopes high for the summer months?

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Cedar Zobell Williams ‘20 has experienced first hand the dangers of the outdoors: “I was outside for 40 minutes during video production freezing my hands off.” Overall, the Beaver community seems pretty displeased. So here’s my advice: stop looking at the weather forecast. The truth is, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, while 5-day forecasts can be accurate around 90% of the time, the ten-day forecast only has about a fifty-fifty shot at accuracy. So don’t get too down just yet! Keep those beach towels stowed, sunglasses on standby and windows ready to be rolled down. Summer is almost here!!


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