The Seniors Left for Internships. Where are They Now?

By: Hannah Dineen

The foyer feels deserted, the R and D center is less crowded, and freshman can go to lunch before 12:25. It may seem that the seniors are (for the most part) gone from Beaver, so where are they all now?

Amanda Joy volunteers at the Newton Wellesley Hospital, where she assists in seven different departments. So far, Joy has worked in the Day surgery recovery, Adult GI, food services, pharmacy, and radiology lab.

“The best part is talking with all of the patients and just seeing daily life in a hospital, and all the various jobs required to make it function…sometimes [however] the volunteers don’t have much to do, so there’s a good amount of waiting around.”

Joy is considering pursuing the medical field as a profession and states that this internship will help her make some big future [career] decisions.”

Madeline Tallerico interns at Ame and Lulu, a sports accessory store in Newton. Tallerico discovered this internship because one of the founders of Ame and Lulu is a Beaver alumnus.

“My job includes putting together orders that are going to be shipped out, doing inventory, going through and updating contact lists, and whatever else they need me to do.”

Talerico starts works from 10 to 3, leaving “a good amount of time to sleep in.” When asked about her least favorite part of the job, Tallerico exclaimed that she finds talking to clients on the phone is difficult, “it’s scary,” she added.

“I think [this job] gives me an opportunity to work with adults and become more professional. It also gives me insight to what kind I might or might not want!” Tallerico concluded.

Interning at Beaver is also a very popular choice among seniors. Philippe Izedian, for example, y interns at the in the summer camp office, but he also states that he has had “the pleasure of doing tasks for P+E, Admissions, Camp, and the Hiatt Center.”

Izedian frequently sends out Beaver mail, gives tours, plans new family events, and “much more!”

“ Some days are very slow whilst others are jam-packed with work, Izedian expressed. “ “[I enjoy] the  opportunity to see the inner workings of event planning at Beaver in a way I have never before.”

Senior internships are a unique time to discover new passions, gain real work experience, and relax after a long, and often grueling, senior year.



Izedian Pictured at Work in Beaver Summer Camp Office

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