Where Did the Dessert Go? – Investigative Journalism Piece

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By: Jacob Creem

Many Beaver students are asking where the dessert went to the cafeteria, many students asking for dessert to be brought back.

After hearing the debate over the fate of dessert, I became quite interested in the mysterious disappearance of one of Beaver’s most coveted delicacies. I knew I needed to get to the bottom of it. After asking around, I got the general consensus of most of Beaver’s students. “Easy to answer,” Beaver junior Matt McCabe said when I asked him, “the dessert was just taken away.” Although I did agree with Matt’s sentiments, I did have the feeling there could be another reason.

So, as any kid looking to figure out some truthful information, I scoured my surroundings for facts, looking for clues as to where our dessert might be. After an intense examination of the TVs in and outside the dining hall that shows the meal prepared for the day, I was still unable to find any information as to the fate of dessert. However, I did continue to ask around the community and see if anyone had learned important details. Beaver Junior Molly Rosenberg said she “didn’t care who took the dessert away,” she just “wants it back!”

Sadly, by Day 5, I was pretty confident that the dessert was gone forever, and even started telling my peers the sad truth. The days continued to pass and I had still found nothing. Was the Beaver community just going to give up?

However, on Day 8, the world actually let’s just say the Beaver community changed forever. As I was getting in line for lunch, a Beaver student walked out with a popsicle in his hand. And then another kid did, and then another. I stood in disbelief: the dessert was back!

At this moment, I could have either screamed with joy or done something I had been waiting to do the whole year: reach my hand into the freezer and pull out a fruity, delectable piece of dessert. I chose the latter, and my choice was well made!

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