The Secret Of The Bradley Hall Classrooms PART 2

By: Jason Saperstone

Today is the day I venture into the depths of Bradley Hall. Many people warned me that most people who go down there do not return. This seems to be a verifiable fact that most people agree with. I decided it would be way too dangerous to go alone so I will be taking psychic Nat Hart, 21. Nat has always been in touch with the supernatural since she was younger and has the ability to sense otherworldly spirits. She’s intuitive and can read your mind. Her powers are very powerful and will offer me protection as I enter the dangerous classrooms in Bradley Hall.

We entered the elevator. We entered through Bradley Hall Level 2. The area was made out of old, crumbling wood that was painted white. The doorways were light blue. We first started to talk in the elevator room. When she entered she told me that she felt heavy. She also felt that the spirits came from the Graveyard. She was able to sense something bad had occurred, sometime in the past, way before. Space felt empty and eerie, with the wood creaking from above. We proceeded to enter an empty large room. Part of the room looked unfinished, and there was nothing occupying the room, which gave it a weird feeling. As we entered my computer suddenly became dusty. In the second room, we were able to see the Graveyard. She said she felt safe. Nat said that spirits often stay in the Graveyard, but some of them come onto the school and attach themselves to students to get that feeling of being alive.

The walls were falling apart and showing exposed brick from the exterior. As we went downstairs, the doors slowly creaked behind us. At the bottom level, we heard the sounds of doors opening and closing, although no one was around. Some of the doors were locked. Nat felt drawn to a dark closet. She entered. She felt anxious and uncomfortable. Under the stairs, there was a mysterious door. Then, we found the most disturbing thing yet.

The elevator of at the bottom door was covered in scratch marks and handprints. It looked as if someone was trying to get out and had been clawing at the elevator, without success. Nat felt as if the room with the elevator felt the lightest. She didn’t feel as much of a negative spirit. She felt as if there was a traumatic death of this area, but the spirit is still in the area. Nat’s theory was that that specific room was occupied by a spirit, and the spirit was clawing at the elevator to get out. I took a picture to document it. We then exited through that same elevator.

As I came back into the Research Level, I found that I was covered in a beige dust. I didn’t remember getting dusty in the first place, which I found strange. After thinking about it for a little bit, a came to a theory. I believe that spirits had come from the Graveyard and arrived in the Bradley Hall Classrooms, as they are closest to the Graveyard. The spirits arrived and became trapped in the walls. They are constantly trying to open the elevator, which never worked. The spirits are forced to stay in the Bradley Hall Classrooms, haunting its eerie halls for eternity. I asked students what they thought.

So to answer our original questions: Are the Bradley Hall Classrooms haunted? YES! Without a doubt, 100% yes. I came in thinking that they were haunted and after visiting the classrooms, I am able to confirm my idea.

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