The Secret of the Bradley Hall Classrooms PART 1

By: Jason Saperstone

We’ve all taken the elevator at some point or another. I’m talking about the classic elevator that takes students all the way from the D level to the C level. There is something more to this elevator that few students know of. There are two mystery buttons that few dare to press. The buttons read as follows: BR1, BR2.

These buttons might seem like nonsense to a person who has not done proper research. Luckily, I am not one of these people. I have ventured into the unknown and pressed these buttons. I have found a three-level building with multiple classrooms. What are these classrooms? What are they doing? Why are they there? These are questions that I must ask. I must have answers.

Before we jump right into the belly of the beast, we must start with research. As any Beaver Student knows, each project begins with Research and then Design. I interviewed students on what they thought of the Bradley Hall Classrooms.

“The Bradley Hall Classrooms? That’s not a- shut up,” said Caroline Haber, ‘21. She had no idea they existed and was extremely offended by my question. I was hungry for more opinions, so I asked more students.

“The what?! I don’t even know where that is. Like where? Wait where is it? Like where? Does that even exist? Where?” said Emma Ruddy, ‘21, who was clearly clueless on the topic.

“What are the Bradley Hall Classrooms? I had no idea they existed. That’s it. Didn’t know that was a thing,” says Jeremy Jacobson, ‘21.

“Um, the- like- what? Like the ones that are upstairs? Like Bradley Hall? Not the C level? There’s Bradley Hall, like above the dining hall. What are those? I don’t know what they are, I’m new. I don’t know. I don’t know what they are. Which means I can’t be positive or negative. Maybe- I don’t know. Are they like- I don’t know. Are they already like an actual thing? I can’t help you, man. I dunno,” says a clueless Emily Emmet, ‘21.

“Bradley Hall in like the place where we have all school meetings? Oh. I think that’s depressing,” says Davin Izedian, ‘21. He had sympathy for the poor classrooms, which are stuffed to the back of Beaver.

“What are Bradley Hall Classrooms? Wait what are Bradley Hall Classroom? Explain to me what they are first. Jason tells me. Jason. What are they?! WHAT are they? What are Bradley Hall Classrooms? Where are they? Where are they located? What are their numbers? Wait OOOH! I think I’ve been in there once and it was really dark and creepy and there was a ghost in there. There was a barbie doll I saw in there that came alive. It’s haunted,” said Rebecca Livingstone, ‘21. Rebecca seems to be in touch with the supernatural and claims to have seen them in the Bradley hall classrooms.

“Bradley Hall Classrooms? There aren’t classrooms in Bradley Hall. This is definitely a joke. No this is a joke. There aren’t classrooms in there. I’m confused. Um, I’m confused. Do they exist? No wait yes um kinda I mean under the stage there are classrooms. Um, I remember one time someone put an Ouija Board there. I was there, I videoed it. And yes. Is it haunted? Oh, yes. The haunted come back and find you when you’re alive and they’re dead. And… that is all,” says Alexa Menoyo, ‘21.  

“Well, I’ve been there once- or a few times when I did middle school plays. It faces a graveyard so that’s a pretty creepy I guess. The classroom is tiny. How do you expect students to work there? Unless you’re a ghost… so I guess they are ghost classrooms. That’s why we never go in them. I’ve heard the ghosts. One time a door swung open and started creaking. I think it’s a portal from the graveyard to the real world. The windows line up perfectly so I think it makes sense. Wait you’re going down there?! Don’t go down there. I don’t want you to die,” says Lila Goldstein, ‘21.

After interviewing countless students, I came to a conclusion. People either don’t think they exist or think it’s haunted. Which side is right? Join me next time where I will venture into the unknown classrooms and uncover the truth myself. Will I find a ghost? Will I find that they actually don’t even exist? Find out on the next article of The Secret Of The Brady Hall Classrooms.


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