The Road to Nepscas: Beaver Boy’s Soccer Team

By: Cameron Ventura

This year the boy’s varsity soccer team comes into the season with high expectations. After a successful run in their 2017 campaign, they are aiming to build upon their great season in the previous year, and as a senior captain, Nick Caruso says, “We want to raise a banner.” This year’s team is filled with natural athletes and skilled soccer players, as well as three four year varsity players: Will Brown, Will Philbin-Cross, and Zach Herman. When you pair this experienced trio with other, equally experienced players, the possibilities are endless. Senior Raphael Edwards brings his European style of play to the table and serves as a great facilitator in the midfield. Cole Flewelling-Allen, Steven Ward, and Nick Caruso, who all play multiple varsity sports, man the defense along with the aforementioned Will Brown. If this defensive unit can work with Edwards in Philbin-Cross in the midfield to get the ball to their all-league striker Zach Herman, the boys can do something truly special.

The start to this season has not been ideal for this group, falling to 2-3 in league play. However, in talking to some of the members of this team, it is clear that they are still confident in their ability to live up to expectations. “Not using last year as a reason to feel comfortable [is a big challenge for us] we need to stay present towards this team and this season.” Siad Caruso when asked about what challenges the boys may face along the way. Edwards echoed a similar sentiment by stating that “Getting too confident and comfortable and not putting enough effort into our games is something we will need to make sure doesn’t happen.” It makes sense that many members of the team mention this theme comfort. After a run to the NEPSAC semi-finals, only to be knocked out by the eventual champion Hebron, this team could easily come into the season feeling as if they can just pick right up where they left off, but through good leadership, good coaching, and hard work the boys know that is not the case; their tough start is a testament to that.

The road to NEPSACs will not be an easy one from this point. Winning out is essentially their only option if BVS plans to make NEPSACs, but as many on the team know, this goal is more than attainable for a group as talented as they are.

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