Annabelle Fulton ’18 Scores Her 100th Lacrosse Goal

Infamous for racking up goals on the scoreboard, and leading the Beaver Varsity Girls Lacrosse team through both practices and games, a key moment in Annabelle Fulton’s lacrosse career occurred in a game against Worcester. Annabelle scored the 100th lacrosse goal in her high school career. Although Beaver finished the game with a close loss, the team was overjoyed when Alex Gould announced Fulton’s achievement across the field. The happy moment was filled with celebration and even a few tears from the Captain herself. Belle said the moment she scored the goal felt “Really odd,” and that she was incredibly surprised as she didn’t know it was her exact 100th goal. When asked about the future of the program Belle responded with nothing but praises of head coach, Allie Davis. “I think with the new coach, this team will go far. I wish Allie had joined the program earlier, but I am blessed to have had her for a season.’ Although the 100th goal was certainly a day to add to the scrapbooks, Annabelle’s other favorite lacrosse career moment is when she was named All-Conference in freshman year. Annabelle truly leaves it all on the field this season, and she will not be continuing her lacrosse career next year. However, Annabelle will continue to play Division 1 Field Hockey at Wake Forest College in North Carolina.

Beaver’s 2018 Girls Varsity Lacrosse Team

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